Wooden Railway

Share the fun with a wooden railway from Little Bundles

The train set is truly a timeless toy that has been popular for as long as we've had trains. Our wooden railway sets are both educational and fun. These toys are a great way to engage with your child.

A wooden railway bridges the gap between simple creative play and an understanding of how things work. Smartly designed and easy to use, train sets from Little Bundles are perfect for children aged 3 years and up. The free rolling trains from BigJigs are easy to push along the chunky, durable tracks, helping to make playtimes fun.

Our range of wooden railways have been made to suit your child's development. We have smaller sets to get them started, and larger, more comprehensive sets to open up a whole new world of adventure. We're on hand to provide a complete range to accommodate your child's needs perfectly. You can always buy additional track to add later on to extend the set.

To get them started, we have simple wooden railway kits to show your little one how these wonderful toys work. With straightforward circular tracks, or figure-of-eight sets, little boys and girls can get to grips with the simple motion of pushing a train along. Included are accessories, such as trees and houses, to give the set more depth and play value.

You'll also find more elaborate wooden railway sets to really take playtimes to a new level! We have sets from BigJig that are made up of over a hundred pieces. These incredible sets feature complete collections of trains, interconnecting track, buildings, engineering vehicles and scenery. See the fantastic choice of wooden train sets and accessories available from our online store.

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